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  • Electriciens sans frontières (Electricians without borders)

    Electriciens sans frontières is a leading public interest international solidarity NGO which has been leading development, post-emergency and expertise projects in remote areas of the world over the last 30 years.
    By providing electricity and training in this field, it turns energy into a development drive, by contributing to improving living conditions of the poorest populations.
    BizLine has supported this NGO since 2012, and in 2016 will finance part of the Phôngsali project in Northern Laos.

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  • Worldskills France

    The WorldSkills Competition – better known in France under the name Olympiades des Métiers – is an international event organized every 2 years in a single site, in a different country every time. The competitors are young professionals of less than 23 years old from about forty technical, technological, crafts and services professions.
    BizLine supports these youths as an official partner and a partner of the profession pole of WorldSkills France for the Electrical Installation profession.

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